We believe we have an idea

but we need your help
So, what’s happening?

The Conundrum

As you probably heard, there’s a global crisis going on. And during this time of mass self-isolation, local businesses like ours, that rely on a constant stream of customers in need of our delicious coffee, is struggling.

But the one thing that worries us most is how we support our lovely team while the shop is either shut or very quiet. Although we aren’t sure what the future will bring, things seem to be moving sadly towards temporarily shutting all of our 4 shops.

Proposed Solution

The Idea

So here is an idea we are proposing:

When you lovely people are all self-isolating we think you will need amazing coffee. So we will either hand deliver* (or post) a 250g bag of our coffee as soon as we can in return of you jumping on to this website and paying whatever you can to support our team £10, £20, £50 etc.

We promise, absolutely everything you donate will all go directly towards helping our amazing team, to get through this time until we are able to open again.

Honestly, we love being part of this fantastic community; let’s not let it end here…

Magda and Edwin

Donate Now
*by hand deliver we mean ring the bell, leave it, and run!