Kasia Piotrowska – Head of Coffee

Kasia thought she would take a break from working behind the computer in a large corporation and hang around in a coffee shop for a few months. She ended up loving the specialty coffee lifestyle way more than working 9 to 5! After spending one year behind the machine, making coffee and chatting with her lovely regular customers (who always make her day), she decided to take a trip to origin. She spent one month in Panama exploring different coffee farms and immersing herself in the culture surrounding Panama’s growing coffee industry. The owners provided her with a very detailed description of the coffee industry and the economics of growing coffee. She learnt a lot about the sensory side of coffee and tasted various roasts and varieties. Now she is working as a certificated AST (Authorised SCAE Trainer) in both SCAE Barista and Brewing modules and is responsible for all the Coffee in Artisan.

Kasia can still be found working behind the machine now and again in Artisan Putney and East Sheen where she is Head of Coffee, responsible for training baristas to become the next Artisan superstar!! When she is not at Artisan, she spends her time exploring London and planning her next trip to origin!