Back to the beginning, a second time around

When we thought about setting up Artisan’s sister shop, the very first thing we did was ask ourselves can we afford it? As we were doing this a second time around, we had the advantage of a lot more information about how much it costs to set up a coffee shop.

With the help of our accountant, we ventured out to put together a projected …


Learning to trust your judgement

One of the funny things about setting up a coffee shop is that it seems everyone has an opinion on how you should or could do it. Before Artisan, we were those people – we would sit leisurely sipping the day away in great places in Perth, Western Australia or East London thinking if this was ours we wouldn’t do it like that or, wow …


Weighing Up

This month we wanted to bullet point broad pros and cons of setting up an independent coffee shop, not necessarily from a financial point of view but more from how we are personally finding the experience.

It’s nice to think that we can make decisions anytime we like and can tweak and grow Artisan to ensure it is always running just the way we …


Not falling behind by staying one step ahead

People often think that rent, business rates and VAT are the key expenses for a small coffee shop and whilst they are important and expensive, they don’t even compare to the cost of your staff.

Our plan, which does differ from many of you who are thinking of establishing a coffee shop, was for Artisan to run smoothly and independently from us – the owners. …