Moving on up…

artisan_1From the little beginnings of Magda being on the machine to Edwin being behind the till, to the shape that Artisan is in now with 22 employees, some part time some full time over two shops – this has meant that we have had to focus on moving on up. So what do we mean by this – we have found that as we have grown we have had to learn to create layers and structures that have allowed this growth. It would have been impossible to stay in our current positions (on the till and behind the machine) and grow to our level. As such, we have had to create managerial and senior roles within Artisan and learn to delegate.

Whilst this may seem obvious and simply the natural progression, what we have found is how vital this top layer of the hierarchy that you create is to your business. The mangers and senior staff that we now have became fundamental to the success of Artisan. As we have developed these roles we have realised that we need to rely on people to carry out much of the day to running of the shops. Therefore finding, retaining and motivating the best people becomes a huge part of what we now spend a lot of our time doing.

We have loved this new challenge and working with individuals that push us forward. No longer is the burden on just the two of us now; it is on five of us, all with different responsibilities. This has meant that we have had the opportunity to share ideas and develop together. In the past where at times it was almost lonely with Magda and I working by ourselves, we now find that it is a busy hub of activity and maybe most importantly, fun.

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