Making changes is scary

making_changesIt’s very easy to fall into a pattern once you are up and running, simply relying on your systems and letting the days roll by. When it comes to making changes, often you put the ideas out of your head thinking along the lines that of ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’. However at Artisan, we do try and be creative and break into new ways of seeing coffee and challenge ourselves.

We recently introduced single origin coffees using the V60 as our brewing method. Not many places do this, simply because it’s a bit of a pain coupled with the training involved and the time it takes to prepare. You can see why it’s simpler to shrug their shoulders and say it’s not for us, however in introducing V60s not only have we pleased customers who travel far and wide to taste the smooth and lovely flavours from these single origin offerings, but we have found some other benefits too. If we try and do something, we as owners try and do it right so we spent time choosing the single origin beans involving the team where we could. We then went about training our baristas and helped them understand the complexities of single origin coffee and the V60 process. We encouraged them to play with brew ratios for themselves in workshops and experiment endlessly until they all didn’t just know how we served our V60s, but they understood why we did things the way we do.

Throughout this process, we found that the benefit of introducing this was that our lovely team of baristas all got really into it and went away wanting to know more and were genuinely excited about what we were trying to do. It goes without saying that excited baristas who want to chat to customers about the new skills they have learnt are a dream to any owner-operator. So it goes to show that by being brave and making changes even if everything is going well does have its rewards, even if you are not sure what they will be when you start out on the journey

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