Hectic yes, boring no

hecticSomeone asked us recently if we ever get bored doing what we do as on the face of it, people just see us making coffee, wiping down tables and stacking the dishwasher, so it seems a fair enough question. However the answer is a resounding ‘no’. A little stressed and tired maybe, but bored no. The reason for this is that Artisan is growing into a lovely little business and with this growth means the challenges are continuing to change on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. However, whilst we grow, the core of the business remains the same, which is to pour the very best coffee in London.

We would like to point out these challenges aren’t always about growth as sometimes you find yourself going back a step as a fully trained staff member leaves and you’re back at the beginning showing people where the soup bowls are kept, how we plate things up or start the long training process with a new barista. Other times, it’s about excitingly launching a new aspect of our coffee offering – currently Artisan is about to offer drip coffee through the V60 and this presents us with a whole lot of new ideas, problems and solutions. It’s this variety and the two steps forward and one step back approach that keeps us all on our toes

We find ourselves being pulled in many different directions – this might be from posing and being interviewed for a film being shot in Artisan, to fixing the toilet seat. One minute we are in a performance review meeting; and the next we are counting stock in the back fridge. At times it can be very tiring and draining and our priority list is ever changing as different challenges present themselves on a daily basis. But it is these very challenges that we love dealing with and it is the way we handle each one that is helping shape Artisan and support our core function, which is to bring the fine people of South West London the best coffee they have ever had!

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