Learning to trust your judgement

learning_to_trustOne of the funny things about setting up a coffee shop is that it seems everyone has an opinion on how you should or could do it. Before Artisan, we were those people – we would sit leisurely sipping the day away in great places in Perth, Western Australia or East London thinking if this was ours we wouldn’t do it like that or, wow – why doesn’t everyone do that. We have found that if you ask ten people for their opinion, you will mostly likely get ten different answers and then if you choose to do it one way – you have normally disappointed nine out of the ten you asked for input.

As the months have gone by we have begun to learn to trust our own opinions and learnt that the longer we do this the fewer mistakes we are making (though we still do make them). Now however, what we are finding is that people are beginning to even ask us for our opinions and it always makes the two of us feel flattered and smile as not so long ago it was us asking every question under the sun. We think the UK coffee scene should be debated and challenged as this can only drive innovation and quality as we all strive to increase the customer experience.

Recently we were invited to an event by Gaggia, testing their new home coffee machine – the Unica. It was a very interesting day and great to get some insights from Gaggia’s expert – Paul Meikle-Janney – who was the Head Judge for the World Latte Art Championships. He provided us with a history of coffee and some hints and tips, mainly for making coffee at home but still useful to know. Whilst pods and home espresso machines are fast developing, it is now up to the coffee houses to experiment a little more with brew techniques and guest espressos etc. There are some great example of this happening in places such as Prufrock and Allpress. So whether we are backing our own judgements or seeking opinions we think that it is important that conversations and dialogue happens between customers, owners and all those involved in this exciting and fast developing coffee scene.

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